About Charles

Charles Edmunson was that rare combination -- a hands-on leader and a visionary.  He was intimately familiar with the inner workings of both a slitting machine and the human spirit.

Starting in May, 1995, Charles developed a rare degenerative neurological disease that was diagnosed as Progressive Supranuclear Palsy during his life.  After his death, the autopsy revealed that he had a cousin disease, Cortical Basal Ganglionic Degeneration (CBGD). Over five years, the disease gradually took away his ability to write, read, walk, and talk -- finally taking his life at the age of 50. 

Charles and Janet, married for 20 years, had a loving and supportive relationship. Both might have been categorized as workaholics -- being passionate about their professions and life's work. But in the midst of their frenzied lifestyle, they constantly found ways to help each other be the best he or she could be.

Until his retirement at age 49, he was the Vice President for Manufacturing at Web Industries. Web is a medium-sized employee-owned company headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts, which provides slitting services to a range of corporate clients.

Charles recited and lived his mission every day:

I will make a significant difference in the world by bringing grace with integrity into the lives of others. Therefore, through a disciplined focus, I will apply my life to creating peace for people who are in turmoil; healing for those who are wounded; hope for those in despair, and purpose for those who are drifting.

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