"Enjoyed both of your presentations in Boston. You engaged the audience in both large and small sessions. You provided takeaway actionable information beneficial to anyone."
-- Donald Heller, Senior Vice Dean, School of Media and Communication, Temple University and attendee of Eastern Association of College and University Business Officers conference, Boston, MA

"This was the second time we’ve had Janet keynote at our annual conference. I absolutely adore her and appreciate her genuine and uplifting presentations."
-- Sara Murphy, Program Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Association—MS Chapter

"Thought provoking. Gave me a great idea for narrowing down my interview process and a great exercise to do at the beginning of quarterly team meetings."
-- Heidi-Noel Grindle, attendee at Maine Town and City Clerks Association Conference as part of the Maine Municipal Association Conference, Augusta, ME

"Allowed me to really brainstorm and reflect on how important it is to nurture my own happiness"
-- Alexis Aubrey, from Florida Women’s Conference

"Very real and personable. Simplistically profound."
-- Cherie Price, attendee at the Illinois Women’s Conference

"In general, I am an optimist but sometimes the ‘crisis du jour’ tests my positive attitude. Janet’s suggestion of ‘what went well today’ is a great way to get back on track!"
-- Susan Knedler, attendee at Expo for the Maine Association of Mortgage Professionals, Freeport, ME

Janet Gave Keynote at 2018 ESOP Association’s Foundation Dinner

Janet Gave Keynote at 2015 MS Alzheimer’s Association Conference

Janet, pictured with Sara Murphy (Program Director), at the 2015 MS Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association in Jackson, MS, where she presented two keynote addresses.


Janet Spoke at the 2013 Mortgage Professionals Expo

Janet, pictured with Donald Godfrey, Linda Hausler and Linette Jones (Executive Director), when she spoke at the 2013 Expo for the Maine Association of Mortgage Professionals in Freeport, ME.


Janet Spoke at the 2013 Illinois Women’s Conference
Janet and her sPeak Performance business partner, Amy Wood, Psy.D., with Illinois Women's Conference director Ashlyn Outler after they each gave their signature presentations at the 2013 conference.


Janet Spoke at the 2013 Florida Women’s Conference

Janet spoke at the Florida Women's Conference in Davie, FL , March 2013.

Janet inspires audiences in their life's pursuits through her authentic and engaging style, drawing on the wisdom she has learned in her experiences.

Affirm Yourself for Life's Challenges
Have you, a friend, a colleague or family member ever dealt with difficult challenges in your life or work? Janet's presentation uses personal stories, affirming statements and group discussion to find ways to stay positive and thrive in the midst of these difficulties. Janet reveals real life examples of how you can lift yourself up as well as help lift up others -- making your life more meaningful and balanced. You will also learn how to personalize these principles to your specific challenges and unique opportunities.

Your Positive Psychology Advantage
Depression and poor emotional health have been shown to negatively impact a person's wellbeing. Thinking patterns, including pessimism, inflexibility, and mindless reactivity are risk factors for these problems. However, research in positive psychology demonstrates that healthier thinking styles can be learned that foster creativity, engagement and resilience. This presentation uses science, personal stories and practical take-home exercises to establish an awareness of the power of positive emotional health.

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