"Janet skillfully took my leadership team through a process that started with things they were ‘proud of’ all the way through a solid, constructive discussion to defining our values and mission statement. I am delighted with the results we achieved in that half day session.”
-- Mina Amundsen, Assistant Vice President, Facilities and Campus Planning, Colby College, Waterville, ME

"You really made the day with your presentation. I received such positive feedback. You are so wonderful and such a positive spirit!"
-- Dr. Mary O. Jones, Director of University Career Development Services, University of New England, Biddeford, ME

"Janet, as you can tell from the evaluations, the conference was a big success. Thank you so much."
-- Aaron Landry, Director, HCT and School Based Services, Kennebec Behavioral Health, Waterville, ME

"Janet gave a fabulous and high energy program today. She has a wonderful style and connections with her participants.”
-- Lee Ann Alden, Director, Workplace Learning and Development, UMass Lowell, Lowell, MA

"Janet's presentation on meaningful work was well designed, practical and thought-provoking."
-- Colleen Ericson, attendee at the New England ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) Conference, Framingham, MA

"Learning ways to flip negativity and boost other people as well."
-- Cindy Anderson, attendee at New England Chapter of the ESOP Association conference, Mystic, CT

"Janet [and her business partner] crafted and conducted a full-day program addressing our team’s needs…The program they designed and delivered addressed our needs perfectly. They were successful in getting everyone engaged and committed to the team’s success…We look forward to working with them to sustain our team’s gains.”
-- Elizabeth Oakes, Site Director, Lonza Rockland, Inc., Rockland, ME

"Well-timed. I had been losing my positivity and zest, but I know I can get it back.”
-- Joanne Spronk, BP Oil Americas, Warrenville, IL

"Janet’s structured approach to dealing with negativity is great. Meaningful personal connections were helpful."
-- Matthew Calderwood, attendee at Lean Summit Systems Conference, Portland, ME

"Loved the class! One of the best I have taken. Love all the tips and quick ideas that I can use right away!"
-- Jan Teed, attendee at University of New Hampshire Professional Development Program, Portsmouth, NH

"Helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and learned non-aggressive ways to get my point across. Liked that you kept us engaged rather than lecture the whole time. I did not feel bored at all."
-- Elizabeth Timotijevic, BP Oil Americas, Warrenville, IL

Janet’s Selfie Presenting at 2015 New England ESOP Conference

Janet conducted a workshop at University of New Hampshire (UNH)

Janet—pictured with business colleague Kathy Maloney and UNH professional development administrator Jennifer Cooke—when she conducted full day workshop on positivity and high performance

Janet Spoke at the 2014 New England ESOP Association Conference
Janet pictured with Chair Mark Adams when she spoke at the 2014 New England ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) Association Conference in Mystic, CT


Janet Conducted Leadership Training at R. M. Davis, Inc.
Janet with Wendy Laidlaw (Chief Operating Officer) on left, Denise Vigneault (HR Manager) on right and co-facilitator Kathy Maloney after training on Leading an Engaged Workforce through Positivity at R. M. Davis, wealth management firm in Portland, ME


Janet Spoke at the February 2014 Maine ASTD Meeting
Janet presenting at Maine American Society for Training Directors (ASTD) meeting in Falmouth, ME

Janet Spoke at the 2013 Lean Systems Summit
Janet, with colleague Katherine Maloney, when they presented at 2013 Lean Systems Summit in Portland, ME.


Janet Spoke at the 2013 Worksite Wellness Council
Janet—pictured with Alyssa Holzman and Mari Ryan from the Massachusetts Worksite Wellness Council—when she spoke at their October 2013 meeting in Burlington, MA.

Janet offers workplace consulting, trainings and presentations that focus on the science of positive psychology and the appreciative inquiry method to drive the organization's goals while also enhancing individual performance, team dynamics and leadership.

Positive Psychology and High Performance Work Teams -- For Leaders
Thinking patterns, including pessimism, inflexibility, and mindless reactivity are risk factors that inhibit good team dynamics and workplace performance. However, research in positive psychology demonstrates that healthier thinking styles can be learned that foster creativity, engagement and resilience. This session explores this exciting research as it applies to high performing workplaces and individual employee effectiveness. Janet uses science, personal stories and practical, hands-on exercises to establish an awareness and practice of these principles and skills.

Your Positive Psychology Advantage -- For Employees
This session takes the content from "Positive Psychology and High Performing Work Teams" and addresses the techniques and application as it applies to individual employees. It can be an overview in an hour session or expanded into a four session series on different days or in the same half day.

Paradoxes of Leadership -- For Leaders
This session presents up to the 14 paradoxes from Charles Edmunson's book, Paradoxes of Leadership. Charles Edmunson was one of those special leaders who knew how to bring out the best in his employees.

Shining a Light on Unconscious Bias
Many of us try very hard not to be biased. But the fact is that we all are to some extent, but it is happening in our unconscious brains. For organizations to thrive, it is crucial to understand how and where this unconscious bias comes from, how it manifests itself, and how to increase awareness of it in order to neutralize it. In this highly interactive and guilt-free workshop we’ll explore how we miss seeing our various biases. To shine a light on them we’ll learn inclusive strategies that will affirm, welcome and connect us to others. In doing so, we’ll be treating our colleagues and others with honor, respect and dignity so they and the organization can realize their full potential.

Janet Presenting on Unconscious Bias at the 2018
Bryant University Women's Summit

Appreciative Communication -- For Leaders and/or Employees
Poor communication can cause unneeded problems in interpersonal work relationships. This session uses an assessment, practical learning activities and individual exploration in balancing inquiry and advocacy.

Consulting Using the Appreciative Inquiry Method -- For Leaders and/or Employees
The Appreciative Inquiry method uses probing questions that first reveal when the group and/or individual has done well in the past in the area of discussion (i.e. team dynamics, communication, etc.). Then it systematically builds on those successes to look at what the individual or team would look like if the successes continued to be applied into the future. Finally the individual or team determines how they could sustain these.

To Request Janet to Speak or Consult
To request Janet to speak or consult at your conference, organization or company, please send an email to janet@janetedmunson.com. Janet can adjust content and length to fit the needs of your organization.

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