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Janet reflects on Finding Meaning with Charles...

No matter how overwhelmed you are, make a commitment to keep your spirits high.

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"I have been meaning to write you and tell you that through your book, Charles and you have been an inspiration to me. I have been taking care of my wife several years now and as you especially know, sometimes you just get tired out and want to throw your hands up. Well, since reading your book and reading what you and Charles went through and how you two handled the adversity, it inspires me to go on."
-- Bob Dunn, caregiver of wife Virginia

"Your story is consoling and encouraging because it reminds me that my current trials are not unique and that others have experienced the same thing and survived to live a full and happy life again."
-- Ed Morrison, caregiver of wife Carol

"Janet, sharing the very intimate details of your journey made me feel like a close friend; I shared your frustrations, joys and ultimately your grief. I never met Charles, but I have now. I think anyone who reads this very personal story will, like I have, 'Find Meaning with Charles.'"
-- Jim Weakley, Chaplain, Arkansas Department of Health Hospice

"One of the things your story amply indicates is that there are as many ways to deal with such horrors as there are people experiencing them. You certainly tried and exhausted a huge number of options and in the end succeeded in doing what you wanted for Charles. And you survived with such compassion and energy still alive that you were able to share it with others. I know very many will be helped, guided and comforted by your words."
-- Karin Barron, Spokane, WA


Wise Women Speak: Changes Along the Path

Compiled by Fern Carness, MPH, RN and Lisa Edwards, MBA, RD
$21.95 -- NOW $15.95 special online price!

Twenty courageous, determined women open their hearts and tell their stories of inner wisdom and strength, tragedy and triumph of the unconquerable spirit in this, their book of the WISE WOMEN SPEAK series. Take this journey and learn from unforgettable life stories about navigating the changes along life's path as stumbling blocks become stepping stones.

Janet contributed a chapter, "Precious Lessons," to this fine anthology of healing wisdom.

Paradoxes of Leadership: Reflections from twenty years of managing a highly participative company

By Charles R. Edmunson
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Ordering information: Visit www.nceo.org.

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/

This 82-page book was Charles Edmunson's final gift to workers and leaders everywhere. Started when he was well into the debilitating illness that would take his life, Paradoxes of Leadership is a distillation of the wisdom, insight, and passion Charles brought to management and leadership. In it, Charles discusses 14 paradoxes that define his philosophy of leadership. For instance, the first paradox is that "we have more influence when we listen than when we tell." By listening, we gain respect from those with whom we interact, allowing us to be listened to when we most need it. We also have the chance to learn to make us better informed leaders in the future.

The book is a true labor of love. Unable to write, and, increasingly, finding it difficult even to talk, Charles dedicated himself to dictating his thoughts to Loren Rodgers, a close colleague in the employee ownership community, who made weekly trips to Framingham, MA to listen to Charles. These extensive notes were then written up by Corey Rosen of the National Center for Employee Ownership, which also laid out the book and had it printed, to form the final product. 

Paradoxes of Leadership has earned well-deserved and widespread praise. Whether being used as a text at Boston College, as a guide for leadership, or an inspiration for anyone interested in Charles' life, it is an uplifting book. The final paradox of the book is that "a full life is achieved not by grasping but by giving." This act of giving by Charles can help make all of our lives fuller.

READERS' COMMENTS -- Paradoxes of Leadership

 "If Paradoxes of Leadership helps even one reader to understand, accept and improve leadership effectiveness, it will be a leadership lesson of the highest order, given from the perspective of a full life, and from the heart of Charles' Final Paradox: A Full Life is Achieved Not By Grasping, But By Giving. Charles has given us a gift for the new millennium, and beyond...."

-- Stephen C. Sheppard
CEO, Foldcraft

 "Last week I had the opportunity to read a draft of Charles' Paradoxes of Leadership. As each of the fourteen paradoxes have been lived out in his life, we too have been drawn to experiment and learn to live out these paradoxes as well. They need to be deeply rooted in all of our relationships."

-- Bob Fulton
Chairman and Founder of Web Industries

 "Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Charles Edmunson over the years understand upon reading his book, Paradoxes of Leadership, that is not another theoretical treatise on leadership. Rather, his fourteen paradoxes are at their best an autobiographical reflection on the requisite leadership skills that Charles has experienced and learned while developing as an effective and successful leader."

-- Richard Duffy
President of Ownership Visions

 "Being an effective nurturer, leader, and developer of others requires great skill. Charles is a person driven to excel, and he has worked diligently to learn for himself and then teach others. Even as Charles fights valiantly to rise above his disease that is slowly claiming his life, he is Charles, unselfishly and graciously teaching us about how to live and be effective for one another."

-- Donnie Romine
President of Web Industries

 "Reading this book reminds me that his power to teach is unstoppable. Even this unjust disease does not prevent him from being the great leader that he is."

-- June Sekera, Business Consultant

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